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Alphabe-Thursday: I for Intimacy

These soft porn movies are played at nondescript movie theaters to satisfy the carnal hunger of people deprived of intimacy or access to Redtube. Posted under Alphabe-Thursday Letter I


  1. Your photography is very impressive!

  2. I love the way you capture the rain coming down. So beautiful with the irony of the carnal hunger.

  3. Intimacy is a super I word, and we humans need it, even on rainy days. ;-)

  4. I love the rain effect in the picture.

  5. I too like the rain effect on the photo. very neat

  6. Your photo evokes a sense of intimacy...Great theme, beautiful pic..

  7. Your posts are so vastly different from the norm on blogland, and I find them refreshing.

  8. That photo has mood to spare.


  9. I think your picture is just fabulous, Shiju, but the scene is a sad one to me, with the movie poster, the trash in the sheet and the rain. I was drawn to think about intimacy with someone I love, in a warm and private place,
    candles lit, nice music playing, with rain pouring outside - now that does it for me!!

  10. Interesting take on this and very clever technique.

  11. Beautiful photography technique.

    This made me feel lonely, though. Not sure why!

    Thanks for linking to Alphabe-Thursday. Your talents are always so impressive.


  12. great photography
    but it doesn't evoke intimacy to me


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