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  1. You know what. This pic is perfection. nothing more need be said

  2. the rose is truly the queen of flowers.

  3. Such a lovely, regal flower. Was this a gift for someone special?

  4. Shiju, thanks so much for the info on the torch lilly. I am so pleased to know this. I think, now, I've seen them in orange somewhere else. Do you have them in India? I'll have to learn a little more about them. I didn't get close enough to them to see if they had a scent. As you could see, there were bees around and you are not actually supposed to be walking off the paths at the Botanical Gardens though Jo and I do to get our pictures.

    Many thanks!!

  5. Simply beautiful. I posted a rose too.

  6. really beautiful shot! I really like it. have a good week!


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