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Alphabe Thursday : Blue


  1. Wow! The color here is amazing.

  2. What amazing blue feathers! I bet all the girl birds think so too.

  3. What pretty and vibrant blue color. Now, who's a pretty birdy?!

  4. I have no idea what kind of bird this is, Shiju - I don't think it is a variety we see around here...but he is lovely and you did such an incredbile job of photographing him.

    Did I tell you I watched a real Bollywood thriller the other night - no singing and dancing - Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Kahn in "Kurbaan" - had me on the edge of my seat. That makes 4 Indian films in one week - a record!!

  5. Carmen- This is a White-throated Kingfisher.

    Click here to read a comic review of "Kurbaan".

  6. The review was funny, indeed, Shiju. I'll have to read more of his stuff. I must confess I did see "New York" and "My Name is Khan" is on my Netflix list. I saw "Vivah", "Jab We Met" and "Salaam-E-Ishq" over the weekend. I order everything and usually watch it, good or bad!

  7. What an amazing bird...I learned something..thank you so much for introducing me to this bird...bkm

  8. awesome shot!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  9. I am always amazed by your artistry.

    Thank you for linking to Rainbow Summer School.

    This was a glorious photograph.


  10. beautiful shot and what amazing colours...

  11. So simple and so fantastically beautiful!


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