1. I know this is an absolutely excellent certainly made me cringe, just as I do when I see a caterpillar!! I don't love them, Shiju. They seem to wreak havoc with many plants and vegetables. I remember, once, ss a child, visiting my uncle's far, I took a beautiful red tomato from a vine a ate half. As I started to bite into the second half, I realize a half caterpillar was there. I guess I consumed the other half, unknowingly, with my tomato!

  2. excellent and beautiful photo,colors uproariuos

  3. What a strange looking bug! I'm so glad to have seen it so close on your blog instead of in real life. :oD

  4. I feel sorry for the collision of the trains has unfortunately caused many deaths, are close to all of you in this time of sorrow

  5. @Elettra What is more distressing is the fact that this could have been prevented. Thank you for your concern and compassion.

  6. @krista In a few days this may metamorphose into a lovely butterfly which will be quite elusive. These bugs are designed to be scary to keep away the predators. It is a coincidence that it scared you although you are not its natural predator.


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