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Unfriendly Neighborhood Spider


  1. Oh my goodness... he looks ferocious. How big is he? Is he really unfriendly?

    Wow. Think I'm going to have nightmares about this one. LOL!

  2. @Krista About an inch. It is quite unfriendly to a photographer. Hops away fast and disappears.

  3. Ah yes... kind of like... all other bugs and creepy crawlies. hehe.

    Is this one dangerous? Or just sneaky?

  4. @Krista It is not an attacking type. Wikipedia wasn't helpful in finding details of the species.

  5. I will not enjoy meeting any of these guys when I come to India. I dislike spiders intensely. I've been bitten by a couple, one on each leg, that gave me a terrible cellulities that took two weeks of antibiotics to clear up and left me with some pretty bad scarring.

  6. Ohhh ferocious !! Thank god It's nt in my room :D

  7. You really took that picture? You must have a really good camera. I want one too.


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