Favorite pictures from 2010

I am ending 2010 by posting five of my favorite pictures from this year. I wish all friends and visitors to the blog a very happy and peaceful 2011.

Sukhoi Su-30MKI

The Sukhoi Su-30MKI is an air superiority fighter jet jointly developed by Russia and India for the Indian Air Force.

Alphabe-Thursday: I for Intimacy

These soft porn movies are played at nondescript movie theaters to satisfy the carnal hunger of people deprived of intimacy or access to Redtube. Posted under Alphabe-Thursday Letter I

Plagiarism by Deshabhimani daily

This is my first encounter with plagiarism by the print media.

On October 13, 2010, Deshabhimani, a leading Malayalam language daily, published a picture apparently flicked from one of my blog posts.

The picture was published without my knowledge and without any credit.

Plagiarized picture in Deshabhimani (October 13, 2010)

Original picture from my blog post
I called their offices the same day and I was shocked when the person who claimed to be the editor of the Kannur office of Deshabhimani casually dismissed the incident saying it is a common practice to use images from the internet.

There is a clearly written statement on every page of my blog mentioning that any use of the pictures in my blog requires my written permission.

I sent 3 emails asking them to republish the picture with credit and to pay a meager sum of money as compensation. They didn’t respond to the emails.

In the absence of any satisfactory response I called Deshabhimani’s headquarters at Thiruvanathapuram to speak to the chief editor. A person claiming to be the sub-editor stonewalled my desired interaction with the chief editor. He asked me to treat it as a charity and social work as the image is used for an article which talks about God.  He too claimed that it is a usual practice by the newspaper to use images from the internet.

This is a blatant infringement of copyright laws.

The disturbing aspect of the whole incident is that the editors of Deshabhimani are absolutely convinced that there is nothing wrong in using images from the internet and they can deal with individuals who accidently catch them red handed.

Suggestions are invited from fellow bloggers and internet users on how to deal with this type of violation of rights.

Feel free to comment or send email to (toshiju at gmail dot com)


Reflections in a canal

If at first glance you are not able to tell that this is a reflection, then look again. With the exception of the weed on top, the grass in the bottom, the duck and some tiny things floating on the water this is all reflection.

Canna fruits

Just a casual search in wikipedia got me the following interesting uses of this plant:
  • The seeds are used as beads in jewelry.[12]
  • The seeds are used as the mobile elements of the kayamb, a musical instrument from Réunion, as well as the hosho, a gourd rattle from Zimbabwe, where the seeds are known as "hota" seeds.
  • In more remote regions of India, cannas are fermented to produce alcohol.[13]
  • The plant yields a fibre - from the stem - it is used as a jute substitute.[14]
  • A fibre obtained from the leaves is used for making paper. The leaves are harvested in late summer after the plant has flowered, they are scraped to remove the outer skin and are then soaked in water for 2 hours prior to cooking. The fibres are cooked for 24 hours with lye and then beaten in a blender. They make a light tan brown paper.[14]
  • A purple dye is obtained from the seed.[14]
  • Smoke from the burning leaves is said to be insecticidal.[14]
  • Cannas are used to extract many undesirable pollutants in a wetland environment as they have a high tolerance to contaminants.[15][16]
  • In Thailand, Cannas are a traditional gift for Father's Day.
  • In Vietnam, canna is called dong riềng and its starch is used to make cellophane noodles known as miến dong.
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